UA 290 Employment and Economic Proposal

Q:  How many members are there in Local 290?

A:  According to UA 290′s website, there are:

  • 3,028 active members
  • 857 retirees
  • 227 Life Members (members for over 50 years).

Q:  How many people are working in Local 290?

A:  Please see the historical UA 290 employment graphs below.

Q:  What is the history of the Economic proposals during this negotiation and how do they compare with historical raises?

A:  UA290 rejected the most recent offer from the PMCA of a 3 year contract with annual increases of $1.00, $1.00, $1.25.

The Union’s current counteroffer is a $3.75/hr annual wage increase in 2011 and $4.25/hr in 2012.

Please see the slides below for the history of offers during these negotiations and a comparison of these offers with historical raises:

Q:  What is the history of raises for Local 290?

A:  Please see the graphs below.

Q:  What are the 5, 10, and 15 year averages for wage increases in percentage terms?


  • The 5 year average is 2.6%
  • The 10 year average is 3.2%
  • The 15 year average is 3.9%

Q:  What was the UA 290 contract settled for in 2009?

A:   It was a 2 year contract with a $1.60 increase each year.

These amounts equate to 3.03% and 2.94% increases over previous packages.

Q: Isn’t Local 290 an employer that takes management positions in LaborNegotiations?

A:  Yes. Local 290 employs members of Local 11 Office and Professional Employee’s International Union (OPEIU)

Q: What was the most recent contract settlement between UA 290 and its office staff who are members of OPEIU Local 11?

A: Last year, they settled on a 3 Year Contract with the follow economic terms.

  1. Freeze in Year One
  2. Freeze in Year Two
  3. Freeze in Year Three